Liquid Cargo

  • iPortman-Liquid Cargo enables to track end-to-end operation of liquid vessel – both import and export vessels.

    The pre-loading or unloading details that are provided allows for proper planning of the loading or unloading of the liquid cargo into the vessel. While loading or unloading, information about hose connections or disconnections can also be tracked.  Also, the average manifold pressure at the ship’s manifold, which is maintained either hose-wise or shift-wise, can be captured.

    Apart from this, it captures various other details like

    • Maximum loading rate allowed for single tank/multiple tank
    • Details of venting methods.
    • Pressure testing of the ship’s line date and pressure
    • Number of reducers available on board of different size
    • Number of tanks, and pump capacity of ballast tanks and pumps
    • Tank fixed gauging system – open/closed, name of the gauging system, and portable gauging system – number and type.
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