• iPortman-Planning offers solutions in the areas of berth planning, equipment planning, crew planning, resource planning and such other areas.

    Features are as mentioned below

    • iPortman-Berth Planning: Enables berth planning based on the arrival of the vessels to the port. The system can visualize the vessels on port, the berths that have been allocated, and those that are free.
    • iPortman-Equipment Planning: Enables equipment planning for each and every vessel and for internal transfer of cargo in the stockyard.
    • iPortman-Crew Planning: Enables planning of the crew required to handle a vessel
    • iPortman-Resource Planning: Enables planning of resources required to handle a particular yard. It also includes details of the contractor, the time required by the resources to handle a particular work – basically the start and the end time.
    • iPortman-Stockyard Planning: Enables stockyards to be allocated for importing and exporting the cargo.
    • iPortman-Rake Loading Planning: Enables to plan import related rake loading activities before its arrival to the port. Planning would include details like –   the cargo to be loaded, the details of the importer, the receiver, the equipments required to load the cargo, the vessel cargoes that have to be loaded, and the like.
    • iPortman-Rake Unloading Planning: Enables to plan export related rake unloading activities before its arrival to the port. Planning would include details like the cargo to be unloaded, the stockyard where it will be dumped, the equipments to be used to unload the cargo, the exporter’s details and the like.
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