Port Operating System

  • iPortman Port Operating System (POS) tracks end-to-end operations handling at a seaport.

    The solution facilitates vessel operations, berth and pilotage planning and operation, planning and managing all supplementary services and special services provided by the port.

    Some of its features are as mentioned below

    • Manages the entire marine operations, including vessel registration, port security, vessel traffic management, flotilla management like tugs, barges, launches etc.
    • Permits cargo from a safety point of view, tracks nomination of the vessels, their arrival and anchorage operation, the related resource planning and utilization.
    • Captures the vessel services and bills the applicable services.
    • Tracks the vessels at anchorage, vessels at berth and expected vessels to port.
    • Tracks sail-out details including marine closure, berthing details, shifting/warping details, un-berthing details, anchorage details and service details.


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